Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kinston Loses Lead, Sees a Dramatic Finish Going into the All-Star Break

The Kinston Indians jumped out to a 9-1 lead on Salem Sunday, capped by two home runs by a couple of home runs from their big boppers:

Salem then scored eight runs in four innings, and tied things at nine going to extras. It would take an unlikely source Kinston to go into the All-Star break with a win.

Kinston is 5-1 to start the second half, with pivotal series against Frederick and Potomac for their first real test after the break. A couple of names have been sent up to AA in Perdomo and Wright, but much of the core is still together to try and send the K-Tribe into contention for the second half title.

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Crlyblondbabe16 said...

THE INDIANS WIN IT 10 to 9!!!! hahahha this is by far the best Homer call, game finish all season for you Will!! =P NIIICE JOB!! I'll listen to this one over and over and never get tired of it! haha xoxo